Saturday, April 27, 2013

Davies Family Bluebonnet {Portraits}

Jon Davies is the new pastor at Brenham Bible Church. He and his wife, Michelle, are just genuinely nice people and their kids are pretty awesome, too.  But when Jon told me that he wanted to include his family dog in his portrait, I'm sure I visibly winced. You know the old expression about working with kids and animals (especially at the same time) ...well, it's generally true. I'm used to working with kids, but pets? That's new to me.

But luckily Phoenix, their golden retriever, was awesome. And their kids were even... awesomer. The sunset was golden and we got some shots that I hope they will treasure for years to come. I know I had a lot of fun taking these photos of our new friends, and I'm enjoying sharing them with you all, as well.

More photos from this session on my Facebook page...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Weidemann Bluebonnet {Portraits}

This is one of my favorite families to photograph - they're just awesome and they have two of the sweetest boys you'll ever meet. And, yes, I know that family pictures in the bluebonnets are kinda touristy, but when you have access to such a great field of bluebonnets, why not? These were shot at sunset one beautiful golden evening in early April. Thanks to the Weidemanns for just being amazing and for letting me photograph their beautiful family once again.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hempstead Homestead {Landscape}

I've been having a lot of fun doing real estate work for Matthew Menke. I get to go to beautiful properties, see the inside of houses that I would otherwise never get to step foot in and shoot landscape photography! This property, Hempstead Homestead, is a small property compared to the others we've been working on, but it yielded some of my favorite shots yet. We shot these one beautiful evening in late February and couldn't have asked for a nicer night. The colors in the sunset were warm and beautiful against  the sides of the house and on the hay meadow. And the house itself was pretty amazing, too. It looks like one long rustic house, but it's actually two residences in one - a three bed, four bath home on one end and a three bed three bath home on the other end - perfect for guests and family visits. If you're looking for a beautiful handicapped-accessible home in the Hempstead area, give my buddy Matthew Menke a call at 936-825-5256 or e-mail him at

Monday, April 15, 2013

Andie R. - Senior {Portraits}

I recently had the honor of shooting senior portraits for a sweet, fun young lady named Andie. Andie is one of my kids' favorite people in the world - she works with them sometimes at church, and so I already had a high regard for Andie and her family going into the shoot.

Andie has always struck me a friendly, but quiet and reserved person, but in the course of our pre-session interview and in texting back and forth getting ready for the shoot, I discovered that she's got a really silly, fun side to her, also.

The day of Andie's shoot, the weather was amazingly beautiful - high in the mid 70s and sunny. But about an hour before we met to shoot, the clouds started to roll in, the wind started to kick up and the temperature began to drop. But despite that, Andie was a trooper. By the end of the shoot, everyone was cold and windblown, but she managed to keep a great attitude and a huge smile on her face.

Thank you, Andie, for allowing me to photograph your senior portraits. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did working on them!

Additional photos can be found on my Facebook page.