Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rise Above the Influence (Illustration}

I was contacted out of the blue a few months ago (while in Austin shooting photos at Zilker Park, if you must know...) by the SHSU Alcohol and Drug Abuse Initiative office about doing an illustration for their upcoming annual summit. I had just finished the Big Top Sammy Family Weekend illustration and noticed that the dates coincided, so when I heard that the theme of the summit would be "Rise Above the Influence," I thought there might be a way to tie in the two.

That's how Sammy ended up on a tightrope.

The original idea was to have Sammy as an acrobat above a three ring circus with no net and "influence" items down below him.

However, as I got started sketching, I quickly realized that the circus theme didn't quite work for this and I kept seeing all these influences swirling below Sammy, just below him, tempting and threatening him. That idea became very stark in my mind, and that's the direction it went.

I'm very happy with the final product. It turned out almost exactly as I envisioned it in my head. And it was a lot of fun to work on, as well, creating dozens of swirls and spending more than an hour creating the lined, confusing, grungy darkness shape that appears to be closing in on Sammy from all sides. That Sammy is the only real color in the design isn't an accident, either. He represents hope and color where the bad influences represent evil and death and darkness.

Wow. Did I just write that? That's deep. Coffee must've kicked in.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this illustration and I hope that the 8th Annual Drug and Alcohol Summit at SHSU is a great success.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Game Changers {Video}

I'm so happy to finally be able to share this project I've been working on! This is a short film I produced in conjunction with Brenham ISD for a new program they've gotten involved with called Game Changers. This video was shown to all the teachers and administrators in the district yesterday and had to stay under wraps until then.
Game Changers strives to make a positive difference in kids' lives and is a really worthwhile program. I got to work with some amazing people - especially Peggy Still and Heather Thielemann - during the course of this project. I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I did working on it!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

St. Thomas High Varsity Football {Portraits}

St. Thomas High School in Houston got some new uniforms and wanted photos of some of the players in their new uniforms to send to Adidas. Kristi's brother happens to be a coach there and I was thrilled when he asked me to do it!

The guys were a lot of fun to shoot, and I think they enjoyed my goofy direction during the shoot: "stand like you're a super hero" and "okay, no put a stupid amount of weight on the bench press."

I'm really, really happy with the way their photos turned out. Thanks, Coach Clarkson, for giving me a shot! I hope these photos instill fear into the hearts of your opponents all season long!

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